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desmondDesmond Tolbert 
Guitar/Bass for D-Fresh Entertainment, LLC (along with his brothers) and Visions of Change Ministry. Desmond began playing the guitar at age 7.  Being the older of his two brothers, Desmond ensures that everyone stays focused during their practices.  Desmond was first inspired to play the guitar when he was attending a movie at the local theatre and a young man was playing the guitar in the lobby.  Desmond began his musical training at Sidekick Guitar in Liberty Township, Ohio.  He, along with his brothers, currently attend the West Chester Academy of Music in West Chester, Ohio.  Desmond explored different guitar/bass performers, but really enjoyed the music by George Benson the most.  Desmond enjoys being with and learning new skills from his father.  He enjoys playing basketball with his dad and brothers and watching football.  Desmond’s favorite teams are Miami Heat and Ohio State.  He would like to one day design basketball shoes, own property and be an entrepreneur.  He hopes that he can inspire other youth to pursue their dreams, including being a mentor for other young men to “do what is right!”  His nickname is:  Mario.


Dexter Tolbert
Piano Player for  D-Fresh Entertainment, LLC (along with his brothers) and Visions of Change Ministry. Dexter began playing the piano at age 6.  When Dexter was asked which instrument he wanted to play, he selected the guitar. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he was later placed on the keyboard.  Dexter enjoys being creative and continuously explores different chords, notes, patterns, etc. as a platform for the songs created.  Dexter’s favorite pianist is Alecia Keyes.  He enjoys listening to all different kinds of music (soul, jazz, blues, r&b, etc), but his favorite is Smooth Jazz.    Dexter’s God-given gift is being able to “hear” the music!  He later found out that his Grandfather’s brother had the same gift.  Dexter’s favorite sport is basketball.  His favorite teams are Miami Heat and The New England Patriots.  However, he enjoys football, video games and other games, as long as they are fun!   His nickname is:  Barleycorn.


Denzel Tolbert 
Drummer for  D-Fresh Entertainment, LLC  (along with his brothers) and Visions of Change Ministry. Denzel has been playing the drums, since he was 5 years old.   When Denzel was asked to pick his instrument, he knew exactly what he wanted to play! His musical journey began as a student at Sidekick Guitar located in Liberty Township, Ohio.  In 2010, Denzel received “The Best Drummer Award” while participating in Camp Jam in Dallas, Texas with his brothers.  Denzel stayed late each day practicing for his drum solo performance at the end of the week when the campers performed for their parents.  Denzel enjoys being creative on the drums adding those “beats” to their creations.  Denzel enjoys playing video games, basketball and football.  His favorite teams are The Los Angeles Clippers and The Cincinnati Bengals.  He enjoys listening to Smooth Jazz.  His nickname is: Random




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